Thursday, May 14, 2009


There's nothing like watching a little boy grow up so fast! Colin amazes us everyday with what he knows (he even knows how to be!) He is taking us through yet another stage of childhood. It seems like we're at the terrible 2's already! He's been a good boy so far, but just needs a few lessons in life to get him on the right path again =) He's wearing his mom out though!! Well, all is well with my pregnancy so far. On Monday I'll be 18 weeks already. One of Colin's favorite things to do is act like he's talking on the phone, so here's a few pics of him doing just that. Also, when he's on the phone he laughs once in a while (he must see us laughing). It's cute.

Our crazy boy likes to wear mommy's shoes

Talking on his phone

He must've thought something was funny!

This is his "trumpet" He makes Daddy blow in it too.

He wanted to make sure Daddy was smiling for the camera.

Thursday, May 7, 2009


Colin enjoys playing in the flowers and blowing the white stuff into the wind! He just loves the great outdoors (our backyard).

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