Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Taking a Break!

This is just the end of our little break at a gas station when we were on tour! Colin had walked and ran for a while and Tommy was just bringing him back to the van!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Keepin' Busy!

Yes, I know that I haven't written on here for over a month. Please forgive! Right after Christmas we found out that we could move down to Quales former house so we started packing up our things right away. The following week we would be leaving with the new mixed quartet to go on January tour to the south! It was a very nice trip and the weather was warm and sunny while back home it was snowy and icy! A lot has happened since we returned from tour. We finished packing and basically got everything moved down here in 2 days. We had a couple college guys help out! Colin was not sure of his new surroundings at first. In the mornings especially, he wanted to be held for a few minutes and just look around at all the space. Now he freely runs from room to room getting into anything he can find. He's been very good. We couldn't ask for a better, more adorable little boy! He makes us laugh with his silliness!
Well, college started last Tuesday so Tommy is busy working over there these days. I've got our house pretty much in living order, but still working on the odds and ends! I think any woman would agree with me that they like space to work in the kitchen and I definitely have that and more with the whole house. Well, here are a few pics to view!!

The new mixed quartet "Proclaim"...Wesley Springer(tenor), Susanna Sturtavent(alto & pianist), Rhonda Otto(lead) & Tim Troyer(bass)

Colin loves to talk on the phone. His favorite thing to say is "yeah, yeah, yeah" real fast

Having fun in our old house while we were packing

And here is the crew! This picture was taken on the porch of Luke & Joanna LaVan's house!